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Gladiatrix - Russell Whitfield Gladiatrix author Russell Whitfield's website
Cecily Fay Actress, champion martial artist, sword master, dancer, choreographer, writer, producer, singer, composer and stuntwoman, Cecily Fay is a multi-talented performance artist. Her creditentials include producing, writing & starring in the feature Warrioress, starring in the hugely popular ZingZillas and the lead role in groundbreaking drama/doc Gladiator Girl
Warrioress Movie "Warrioress" is a story of blood and dust; of test and triumph. In the tradition of "Xena, Warrior Princess", and influenced by seminal fantasy films such as "Excalibur" and "Flesh & Blood", "Warrioress" combines a unique, mystically-infused atmosphere with blistering action scenes. The story features a wide array of vibrantly attractive and powerful female characters pitted against each other in mortal combat.
The Light Bearer Donna Gillespie's excellent website, accompanying her books. Highly Recommened. The Light Bearer is reviewed in this sites "gladiatrix in literature" section.
Donna Gillespie Fan Site Fansite dedicated to the great Donna Gillespie, author of "The Light Bearer" and "Lady of the Light"
Amazon Warriors Fantasy Photography Olaf's amazing site, featuring high quality images of models with an amazonian/gladiatrix theme
Werewolf King's blogspot Blog dedicated to all things conerned with warrior women. Worth noting that WW's site is R rated, which is to the good. The art therein is not all about sexing things up at all. There is also a short stories section and a lot more to peruse. WW's site is also a resource used by several uni's - there is quality stuff in there.
Kinema Gladiatrix Info Academic study of the role of the female warrior in film. The site offers in depth argument, featuring "The Arena" and other movies
Classics Technology Centre General article on the Gladiatrix in History
Roman Gladiatorial Games Site dedicated to all things Gladiatorial - not specific to the Gladiatrix
Ludus Gladiatorius An excellent Gladiator re-enactment group, based in Portsmouth. The site has a wealth of information, images and mpegs to download. Highly Recommended.
Ludus Nemesis The first gladiator "re-enactment" school in Northern Germany. The combats of this group are NOT choreographed, so this is about as close to the real thing as it gets.
Lothene Experimental Archaelogy Site dedicated to warrior women of all kinds.
Warrior Women Articles on warrior women in history
Womengamers.com General overview of historical warrior women
Amazonwarrior Article investigating the Amazons in history
About.com Excellent historical resource site, well researched. Recommended for serious study.
Female Single Combat Club Massive site, covering all aspects of females in combat historical, contemporary, in media and literature. Rich in images and content. Very highly recommended.
The Amazon Connection Lenghty article on female warriors in history.
Darksites Links page to Amazon related websites. Darksites is a massive resource, continually updated. Much of the content is sexual in nature, and some "extreme". Certainly not for the faint of heart!
Babes with Blades A great, fun site, featuring photographs of models weielding weapons. Religiously updated, content is always fresh. And the girls are lovely. Certainly worth your time. Whats more, the webmaster keeps this resource free. If photos of warrior women is your thing, this is the place to go.
Necrobabes Amazons A pay site featuring photos and videos of (naked) warrior women. The preview is excellent, offering pictures of the models both in poses and in combat action. The site is well worth visiting, and I should imagine well worth the subscription for die-hard aficionados of the Combative Women genre.
Warrior Women in History and Fiction An informative site, with references to Warrior Women in history and on screen.
Scarlet Pimpernel A truly awesome site, with poser art and original fiction dedicated to warrior women of all ilks. Certainly, there are Gladiatrix themed stories and artwork herein, but the other categories are also well worth taking a look at. The only downside to this site is that its so huge you could get lost. For days.
Sword Maidens A subsiduary site of the main Society for Creative Anachronism site, but speifically directed at their female members. The SCA is broadly a re-enactment group, and this site is a trove of information ranging from historical articles to combat techniques for the re-enactors. Whilst the SCA is mainly concerned with Middle Age re-enactment, there is a section on the Gladiatrix. Well worth a look.
Nova Roma A web community dedicated to all things Roman. This is a hugely interesting site, where information and illustration abound. It is more than a simple re-enactment group, the site promotes the study of Roman religion, politics, history, sociology and more. The organisers encourage devotees to get together and discuss their ideas, bringing the web-based forum to life. The site is highly recommeded, and any true Roman enthusiast could do a lot worse than joining this community.
Jacqui Bennet Writers Bureau Not a Gladiatrix themed site by any means! JBWB is an organisation that provides editing/critiquing serivces for new and established writers. If you are writing a novel (or non-fiction for that matter), Gladiatrix.info has no hesitation in recomending this excellent service. JBWB is also endorsed by Historical Novel Society.
Skydance Music Not a Gladiatrix themed site again, but a trove of uplifting spiritual music. Shaun Aston has created inspirational and healing music for over ten years for audiences in Britain, Europe and America. In addition to his own albums, Shaun has also composed soundscapes for theatre, for contemporary dance, and has performed at festivals and holistic events such as the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival.
The Dark Arts Society The Dark Arts Society takes it's tongue-in-cheek name from the Harry Potter novels, and runs events, workshops and social gatherings for people interested in the Occult and Supernatural in art, fiction, music, alternative religion, and other manifestations. Monthly events feature talks on a wide variety of occult subjects, recitals of esoteric poetry, short stories (both classic material and new work by members), free tarot readings, and performance art. Newcomers are always welcome, and we are particularly interested in new people who are willing to contribute talks, stories, poems, art, performances, etc.